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How It All Began...


After having to retire early due to a health issue, I knew that summer gardening would always keep me busy.  I definitely have a green thumb and a passion for flowers.  But what would I do for the rest of the year?  Not being much of a hobbyist or artisan of any kind, it was the right time for me to start thinking about becoming one.  Silk flower arranging is now my rest-of-the-year gardening hobby.  After making several arrangements for family and friends, and also for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, my hobby is slowly starting to take over my basement.  And to further my skills and creativity, I have completed the prescribed course of study in floral design, both in silk and fresh flowers, at Durham College and received my Certificate of Acheivement in their Floral Arranging Program...which encouraged me to make even more!  In order to keep my flower arranging just      what it is, a hobby, I only design when a unique and creative idea starts...


...and, hopefully, ends when an arrangement arrives at your front door!